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The village under Meteora

Kastraki is situated in the western part of Meteora, built in an amphitheatrical manner amidst towering cliffs, and serves as a municipal district of Kalabaka. Its history is shrouded in the passage of time.

In the eastern section lies the quaint, picturesque district of the village, with its spindle-like structure, small yet striking due to its shape and elevated position. It primarily serves as a hub for climbers from around the globe who come to admire the magnificent landscape crafted by the towering rocks.

Kastraki boasts a rich local tradition, customs, and folk songs, each imbued with its own unique charm. Exploring the narrow lanes of the village, hiking the trails, visiting the monasteries, and exploring the area's wonderful sites are all worthwhile experiences.

The breathtaking landscape features canyons, plateaus, and the eerie silhouettes of the "sacred rock" emerging from the verdant surroundings, seemingly reaching for the sky. The fragrance of wild oregano, mint, and wildflowers fills the air, while the monasteries, perched precariously atop 400-meter-high cliffs, stand as symbols of unwavering human devotion to God.

Today, the village, along with the entire Meteora region, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, transforming it into a delightful recreational destination with camping facilities, taverns, and guesthouses, providing a serene retreat for visitors to Meteora.

Kastraki Village
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