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Know before you book


1. Is there a dress code to enter monasteries?

Visitors and pilgrims must adhere to a dress code in order to enter the monasteries. Women are required to wear skirts that extend below the knee and ensure their shoulders are covered. Similarly, men should wear long pants, preferably, or shorts that also reach below the knee, with their shoulders covered. This dress code is enforced to maintain the sanctity and reverence of the monastic environment.

2. Cancellation policy.

You are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your booking 24 hours prior to your tour's starting time or if your tour gets cancelled for certain reasons (e.g. extreme weather conditions).

3. Monasteries entrance fees.

Each monastery has an entrance fee of 3€ per person. Kids up to 12 years old do not pay an entrance fee.

4. Black-out dates.

Our office runs tours all year long and there are no black out dates.

5. Monastery accessibility.

All monasteries feature, on average, 200 to 250 steps, except for The Nunnery of St. Stephen, which boasts a small bridge instead. It's important to note that while we strive to accommodate accessibility needs during tours, the inclusion of The Nunnery of St. Stephen may vary depending on tour type, day, and/or other special circumstances.


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