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Treasure Hunting
Self-Guided Walking Tour

Are you an adventure seeker eager to uncover new stories and facts at your own pace?

Do you want to create lasting memories in a fun and engaging way with friends, family, or kids?

How about savoring some local delicacies along the way?

Embark on this exciting odyssey and uncover the mysteries and hidden gems of the area.

Tour Details & Highlights

Explore Kalabaka & Kastraki at Your Own Pace

This interactive self-guided walking tour invites you to dive into the rich history and culture of Kalabaka and Kastraki.

Solve riddles, interact with key attractions, and unlock fascinating facts and legends as you navigate the city. Perfect for first-time visitors, families, kids, couples, and groups, this activity offers a unique team-building experience.

See the City from a New Perspective

As you follow the discovery trail, you’ll see the city through fresh eyes. The game usually takes about 4 hours, but we encourage you to take your time to explore and enjoy the journey. We recommend playing with others to enhance the experience and share the fun.

Experience the Local Flavor

The goal is not just to complete the game, but to enjoy the company of your partners, taste the local cuisine, interact with locals, and truly immerse yourself in the Greek culture.

Who knows? By the end, you might feel like a local yourself!

Our Tip: Savor the Moment

Remember, the most important part is to have fun and enjoy the moment. Happy exploring!


Min. 2 persons:60€

Additional persons: 15€ each






  • City Map

  • Riddles and stories

  • Cash to buy some 'experiences'

  • Coffee break

  • Recommendation on our favorite places (food & drink)


  • Hotel Pick-Up/Drop-Off

  • Tour Guide/Leader

Useful Information

Tour duration: Take your time


Cancellation, Change & Refund Policy

• Full-refund if you cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to the tour's starting time.

• Free change of tour date once
• Unused attributes are not returned. No show forfeits the entire payout.

  • Will I meet someone at the Athens Railway Station?
    You will have to board the train from the departing city yourself. Our tour leader will be waiting for you at Kalampaka's Railway Station, holding a sign with your name.
  • When and how will I receive the train tickets?
    We will send you the train tickets by email a few weeks before the tour. Keep in mind that you should check your spam folder of your email address often, given that the tickets will be a PDF file attached to the email.
  • Do I need to print the train tickets?
    We suggest that you print the tickets, in addition to having a digital version of them - in order to avoid any issues that may arrise (e.g. running out of battery etc.).
  • What time should I be at the train station?
    We suggest that you arrive at the train station at least 20 - 40 minutes early.
  • Can I get water and food on the train?
    Of course! There is a cafeteria on the train where you can get water, coffee and snacks.
  • What is the difference between first class and ordinary tickets?
    First-class seats are quieter and more comfortable. They are arranged in 6-seat rooms, which affords you more privace and easy access to the cafeteria, given that the latter is usually in the next coach.
  • If it rains, does the tour still take place?
    Our tours run as normal, unless the weather conditions are extreme. In this case, you have the option of either changing the date or activity or canceling and getting a full refund.
  • Can I bring my luggage in your mini bus?
    Of course you can!
  • How late can I book?
    Your reservation can be made whenever you wish, even at the last minute. However, there is a high chance that there might not be (an) available seat(s) for you on the train, given that the train is almost always fully booked at the last minute.
  • How many and which monasteries will I visit on this tour?
    On this tour, you get to see all 6 monasteries and visit 3 of them. However, the monasteries we visit are not always the same, given that each monastery has its own visiting hours and is closed once a week.
  • Is there a dress code for entering a monastery?
    Visitors and pilgrims are required to follow a dress code in order to enter the monasteries. Women must wear a skirt (reaching below the knee) and have their shoulders covered. Men must wear long pants (preferably) or shorts (reaching below the knee) and have their shoulders covered, as well.
  • How many stairs does each monastery have?
    All monasteries have, on average, 200-250 steps each (with the exception of The Nunnery of St. Stephen, which has only a small bridge). Please, be mindful that even though we will try to modify the tour to make it easy for you, it is not guaranteed that the Nunnery of St. Stephen will be visited (depending on the day and/or other special occasions/circumstances).
  • How much is the entrance fee into the monasteries?
    Each monastery has an entrance fee of 3€ per person. Children up to 12 years old do not pay an entrance fee.
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